Healthy DFAC Comp
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Capt. Jeremy Brooks, Fort Drum MEDDAC's registered dietitian, and the Garrison Food Program conducted the National Nutrition Month 2016 Dining Facility Competition, March 23-24. The purpose was to showcase the dining facilities and demonstrate that healthy and nutritious food can be fun and exciting.

Three dining facilities participated in the contest: 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, 10th Mountain Division Sustainment Brigade and 1st Brigade Combat Team. Each was judged on d├ęcor, culinary arts, "Go for Green" ingredients and the food's taste, texture and appearance.

The winning meal from the 10th Sustainment Brigade Dining Facility consisted of brined Cornish hen, couscous, roasted rosemary asparagus and spicy vegetable soup. They were able to demonstrate that healthy options are not limited to grilled chicken breast and steamed brown rice.

If given the opportunity, Fort Drum dining facilities can promote healthy eating behaviors among Soldiers by offering nutritious, wholesome and flavorful food.