FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Fort Bragg is implementing the Workload Mapping Tool system to track the work that Soldiers do during daily operations. Training for the new tracking system began in June and everyone supervising Soldiers needs to implement the use of WMT to account for all military personnel work hours by Friday. "The intent of the system is to track the labor hours for each common level service (task) of the active-duty military," said Gloria Moore, a Fort Bragg finance manager. "The primary purpose is to determine the cost for the hours. Previously, there was no way to determine how much the military hours cost." Supervisors are responsible for making sure each of their Soldiers' CLSs are accounted for in the program. Each supervisor can manage the work hours entered for each of the people assigned to them. WMT allows the supervisors to review and certify the work hours entered for everyone in their section when they log into the system, said Moore. Entering information about the amount of time Soldiers spend performing daily tasks will allow Army leaders at all levels to run queries to see how Soldiers are spending their time. Reports have the ability to show hours spent on a particular task and can even track the rank of Soldiers performing the various CLSs. As with any new system implementation, there are some initial difficulties while getting accustomed to tracking military work hours. "Initially the system can seem intimidating, but like anything else, the more you use it the easier it gets," said Moore. "Once tasks are set up, the system is very easy to use. Supervisors can add additional tasks their Soldiers are performing to the tool. Right now people just need to get used to using it." In addition to tracking daily tasks, the system also tracks borrowed manpower. Borrowed manpower is when Soldiers work outside their specialty for other units that require them to perform operational tasks. Examples of borrowing manpower would be the Department of Public Works using Soldiers from across Fort Bragg for post clean up activities or Soldiers from the Warrior Transition Battalion assisting units around post with their daily operations. The unit borrowing a Soldier from their assigned unit is responsible for entering the task into WMT. All Soldiers need to have a user ID and password even if they are not the one physically inputting their time into WMT. Having their own ID allows them to show up in the system so their supervisor can review their work hours. If you have questions about WMT or requests for training, call Gloria Moore at 907-4736.