FORT CARSON, Colo.-Nearly a third of the Colorado General Assembly received an up-close look Jan. 30 at the mission and impact Fort Carson has on the state and the nation.
Thirty-two state representatives capped off their Military Appreciation Day activities, which began at the state capitol in Denver, at the Mountain Post. The visit included windshield tours of the Mountain Post to include current construction projects, a walking tour of the urban warfare training range and briefings on Family assistance programs, Soldier reintegration training and the post's economic impact to Colorado Springs and the state as a whole.
The legislators were invited to the Mountain Post to "see how we train American Soldiers today for the fight we are in," said Maj. Gen. Mark A. Graham, commanding general, Division West (First Army) and Fort Carson.
"America's sons and daughters are great. They joined the Army knowing we're in a war. We want to show (legislators) that we are giving them (the Soldiers) the best training in the world to help keep them safe while they are in harm's way," he told reporters during a brief press conference.
"It's all an impressive experience," said El Paso County Rep. Dennis Apuan. He said it was important for him to see the cutting-edge technology and training available to the Soldiers because it "equips me to best represent Fort Carson and to advocate for the needs of our servicemembers."