Diana Dawa
Hello And Welcome To The Aca,!A"Amc Newscast,Aca,!A? The Audio News Program Dedicated To Providing Information About The U.S. Army Materiel Command. IAca,!a,,cm Diana Dawa From The Office Of Public And Congressional Affairs. In This Edition, We Feature The Career Academy. Local High School And Technical College Students Near Anniston Army Depot In Alabama, Receive On The Job Training In Machining, Engineering, Electronics And Hydraulics. The Career Academy Is A Partnership Between The Depot And The State Of Alabama Department Of Education. Susan Hill Is The Program Coordinator. She Begins Recruiting Students In Their Junior Year Of High School.

Susan Hill: IAca,!a,,cm Here As The Educator To Give Them Credit For This. I Recruit These Students In Their Eleventh Grade Year, Because This Is Going To Be For Their Senior Year, That Will Be The Year That They Co-Op. But The Difference In This Is, ItAca,!a,,cs Not Just A Co-Op Job For Their Senior Year, It Is A Career. Because After They Graduate From High School, They Continue With Us Into The Second Phase Of Our Program, Which Is The College Portion. Once They Graduate From High School, We Send Them To Gadsden State, Which Is A Two Year Technical College To Get A Degree In The Skill That They Have Been Placed In Here. Once They Have Completed Their Degeree Then TheyAca,!a,,cre Converted To A Full Time Position Here At Anniston Army Depot. So It Is Not Just A Job, It Is A Career For These Students.

Diana Dawa: Tyler Ponder Attends Gadsden State Community College. He Explained The Recruitment Process For This Program Is Very Challenging Aca,!A|

Tyler Ponder: ItAca,!a,,cs Very Hard And You Have To Have Your Resume Right. You Have To Have A Good Interview To Get In. Plus You Have To Have The Grade And Meet The Criteria. You Have To Pass All Your Graduation Exams For The State Of Alabama. ThereAca,!a,,cs A Lot Of Requirements You Have To Meet. IAca,!a,,cve Worked In A Lot Of Mechanic Shops Growing Up, Too. So, I Was Going To Be A Mechanic Whether I Got On Here Or Not, But This Is Just A Better Opportunity To Further My Education In Mechanics And Learn More About It. It Kind Of Helps To Know That IAca,!a,,cm Doing My Part To Help The Soldiers Who Are Fighting For Our Freedom Overseas. The Better I Do In The Workshop Over Here, The Less Likely A Soldier Is Going To Lose His Life In Iraq Or Afghansitan Or Wherever They Are Fighitng.

Diana Dawa: Celeste Dial, A Senior At Munford High School, Is Studying Electronics Aca,!A|

Celeste Dial: We Get To Build Numerous Amounts Of Things. One, We Built A Multimeter, And The Project We Are Working On Now We Are Going To Build A Radio. ThatAca,!a,,cs Very Exciting To Me. We Learned How To Work With Oscilloscopes And We Know How To Trouble Shoot, Which Is The Main Thing, Troubleshooting. We Get In A Part, Or Anything, And We Know How To Pinpoint The Bad Parts And Fix It. ItAca,!a,,cs Really A Nice Experience To Come Here Every Day And Work Hard And Know YouAca,!a,,cre Doing Something Productive For Your Country, For The Soldiers. ItAca,!a,,cs Really A Great Program To Be In.

Diana Dawa: Hugh Buchanan Retired From Teaching And Is Now An Instructor At The Career Academy.

Hugh Buchanan: We Try To Instill In Them Work Ethics Such As Being On Time, Showing Up For Work Every Day, And Giving 100 Percent On The Job. Since They Are Going To Be Learning A Skill, Safety Is Very Important In All Of Our Skills. We Try To Instill In Them Safe Practices When They Are Working On Various Equipment And Trainers, Because Their Safety Is Paramount In Our Program. Then Of Course, After Learning Safety, Then We Get Into Learning The Knowledge And Skills Of The Various Jobs They Are Learning Here. Our Number One Thing That We Are Trying To Stress To Them That Our Job, If It WasnAca,!a,,ct For The Military, Or The Soldier, Then We WouldnAca,!a,,ct Be Here.

Diana Dawa: Gadsden Student Clay Watts Has Learned A Lot About Leadership In His Training At The Academy

Clay Watts: It Has Taught Me To Be A Leader, Have Self Discipline, Have Great Work Ethics And Have Responsibility At What I Do In Everything. I Feel Like IAca,!a,,cm Serving The Country Because IAca,!a,,cm Providing Them With What They Are Going To Use In Combat. I Feel Like ItAca,!a,,cs A Challenge Because There Can Be No Mistakes Made At What I Do Because Their Life Depends On Me.

Diana Dawa: The Career Academy Opened In 1997, Under The Name Anniston Army Depot High School Industrial Co-Op Program. Then, The School Had Just 40 Students. Today, It Has Grown To Include 100 Seniors Attending.
That Wraps Up This Edition Of The Aca,!A"Amc Newscast.Aca,!A? For More Information On The Career Academy Or The Army Materiel Command, Look Us Up On The Web At Www.Amc.Army.Mil. Thanks For Listening And Tune In Next Time For Another Edition Of The Aca,!A"Amc Newscast.Aca,!A?