CAMP STANLEY - Soldiers on Camp Stanley met with Area I leadership Jan. 21 to talk about their issues and brainstorm with the leadership to make life easier by making adjustments to services on post. Headlining the agenda was two weeks of bank closure.

"Community Banks throughout Area I are being renovated," said Richard Davis, USAG-RC deputy garrison commander. "We must close the bank here for two periods, Feb. 3 - 7 and Feb. 18 - 21. After the renovation the banks will provide a better atmosphere and a better facility for you."

The main floor of the Stanley gym will be closed for the Korea Land WarNet Training Conference from April 13 - 17.

Road conditions will be red for the Lunar New Year Jan. 23 - 27.

"This means your dispatchers must have approval from an O-5 or GS-13 or above to sign a dispatch," Davis said.

Jackson went on to say those who have experienced the Lunar New Year holiday in Korea should pass on information about the hazards of driving during the holidays.

"If you do not have to drive, please do not drive," Jackson said. "If you have to go somewhere, please use the bus transportation. There will be a lot of people on the road."

The advantage of changing leases between Soldiers and their landlords to read 'payment in won,' was discussed and explained.

"Soldiers and Civilians living off the installation have noticed there has been a frequent flux in the value ratio between the wan and the dollar," Davis said. "This can cause issues with leases, so the Housing office is working with individual Soldiers and landlords to convert leases termed in dollars to wan.

This makes it advantageous to Soldiers. If you have a lease that is in dollars and need to change it to wan, you need to contact the Housing Referral Office so they can contact your landlord and ask them if they will change it. As of today, we are batting 100 percent."

Rewriting the leases between Soldiers and landlords is a systematic approach because leases are legal documents, Davis explained.

"In order for me to do a better job, I solicit your feedback," said Col. Larry 'Pepper' Jackson, USAG-RC garrison commander. "I welcome your suggestions on how we can make things better here on Stanley."

Many improvements have taken effect in Area I and on Camp Stanley since 2008. Command sponsorship, renovation of the Pear Blossom Cottage, and increased Off Post Housing Allowance were but only a few, Jackson explained.