KYIV, Ukraine - 1Lt. Andrey Sidorenko, the senior medical officer with Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine participated in the second annual international conference on the introduction of tactical medicine into Ukrainian military and law enforcement 24-25 March, at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.The two-day conference's purpose was to present international experience in establishing tactical medicine educational and training programs, share the success stories of the various Ukrainian security forces in implementation of the training programs and introduce a comprehensive state-of-the-art system for tactical medicine education in Ukraine."Being invited to the conference is a mix of feelings, first of all it's a recognition and validation of your work and effort, on the other hand I feel that I was not doing anything special, just doing my job together with many others," said Sidorenko.Approximately 150 civilians and military professionals from Ukraine, U.S. and other NATO member-states who are experts in the field of tactical medicine had the opportunity to take part in the conference. 1Lt. Sidorenko, an Ukrainian-American, had the opportunity to participate as a speaker where he was able to talk about the medical training for Ukrainian Land Forces conducted at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center in Yavoriv, Ukraine as part of JMTG-U."It is inspiring and honoring to be a part of the birth of tactical medicine in Ukraine. I feel privileged to witness and participate in this historical event," Sidorenko added.Soldiers with JMTG-U, along with soldiers with the Canadian Armed Forces work together to train Ukrainian army on medical training that includes combat lifesaver and tactical combat casualty care."It's always a pleasure to work with the U.S., specifically here in Ukraine. We work together on the same way to provide to our students an optimal course based on our operational experience. We share our after action reviews to adjust the teaching points to the reality of the ATO. I feel like Canada and U.S. are on the same team here and I'm glad of that," said Sgt. Gauthier Yann, medical chief instructor with the Canadian Land Forces.Every rotation of JMTG-U will consist of medical training in which Ukrainian soldiers will continue to learn the basic necessary skills in order to treat wounded soldiers and save lives.