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Over time, a cycle of urban development, flooding, and channelization has diminished aquatic and riparian habitat, reduced plant and wildlife diversity, and disconnected the LA river from its historic floodplain and nearby significant ecological zones. The recommended a plan for ecosystem restoration includes restoration of habitat within 719 acres within and adjoining the river at a total cost of $1.3M. The recommended plan is consistent with the goals and moves forward implementation of the restoration objectives of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan published by the city of Los Angeles.

The Chief of Engineers signed a report recommending ecosystem restoration of an 11-miles stretch of the Los Angeles River from Griffith Park to Downtown Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles River is the 5 I-mile-long backbone of an 870-square-mile watershed. It once anchored a system of riparian and freshwater marsh habitat that carried seasonal rains and subterranean flows across the coastal plain to the Pacific Ocean.

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