ROSE BARRACKS, Germany -- Having a military unit that can effectively move from one location to another, set up shop and complete missions can be the difference between a successful mission or a failed one.This type of movement is what Troopers assigned to Archer Battery, Field Artillery Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment and Soldiers from the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (Helicopter Detachment) recently teamed up to train for.On March 22, 2016, Field Artillery Dragoons conducted sling load (loading and unloading) operations, transportation and air drops of their M777 Howitzers using CH-47 Chinook helicopters from the 12th CAB."Today we did our air assault operations, here, with the Artillery Squadron," said 1st Lt. Thomas Devane, a platoon leader from Archer Battery.Making mobile assault operations with a Field Artillery unit possible is not an easy task. Usually bigger and stronger equipment is brought in to help move the unit's weaponry from one location to another.However, with an aerial assault operation, the equipment brought in for transportation support must not only be strong but also airborne. That is where the CH-47 Chinook helicopter comes in handy."We came in with Chinooks and dropped our battery worth of Howitzers in place so that we can provide fire support, if needed," said Devane.Devane, elaborated on the events that transpired throughout the day as well as the importance of the training that was taking place."This is something that we don't get a chance to do very often," said Devane. "It's also a critical part of our certification process so that we are fully prepared to do follow on missions."The key to keeping the unit's cannon crewmembers ready for something like this is with practice and with Saber Strike, an upcoming multinational Regimental training event, coming up, staying prepared will keep this unit on top of their game."Essentially, if we are fully certified and fully prepared, then we can be ready to conduct any operations with our NATO Allies and partners," said Devane. "This is a great training event and I am happy to be doing it."