Representatives from Australia's lead agency charged with applying science and technology in defense visited the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center Feb. 16-19, to talk TORVICE, the Trusted Operation of Robotic Vehicles in a Contested Environment project.Mr. Brian Reid and Mr. Alan Ross are both of Australia's Defense Science and Technology Group. In addition to the TORVICE project, Mr. Reid and Mr. Ross learned more about TARDEC's extensive research and development efforts and direction with regard to the Mobile Active Protection System (MAPS) and to discuss potential collaboration in the MAPS/Active Self Protection area.A desired meeting outcome, TARDEC leaders now better understand the interests, capacity, capability and technologies emerging from Australia DSTG ground system research entities with regard to APS and future collaboration. Further, TARDEC and Australia DSTG to identify and discuss the TORVICE programmatic aspects of the project, project agreement, timelines, import export requirements, schedule, in order to be prepared for shipping, engineering, and testing.Mr. Reid is a direct report to Peter Shoubridge, the Chief of Land Division at DSTG. DTSG delivers expert, impartial advice and innovative solutions for defense and other elements of national security.