ROSE BARRACKS, Germany (March 21, 2016) -- Troopers assigned to Regimental Support Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment conducted a fuel exchange field training exercise with Soldiers from the 472nd German Logistics Battalion at the Amberg Training Area, located in Amberg, Germany, March 11-17, 2016.The purpose of this exercise was to help the Troopers enhance their necessary training skills to support the Regiment during its upcoming mission, Saber Strike, occurring later in the year."Throughout this past year, RSS has aggressively sought ways of becoming more multifunctional while increasing its capabilities to support 2CR as well as its Allied partners," said Capt. John S. Mills, A Troop Commander. "The distribution company for A Troop was able to test one of these new capabilities during the field training exercise with the German 472nd Logistics Battalion."Utilizing newly acquired NATO fuel adapters, the Soldiers alongside their German counterparts, were able to successfully simulate a fuel transfer between each of their fuel transport vehicles."In addition to simulating a fuel transfer, Soldiers from both countries provided each other with classes to gain familiarization for each of their respective pieces of fuel equipment," said Mills. "The Soldiers from the Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL) platoon were especially proud to demonstrate the capabilities of their Forward Aerial Refueling Equipment (FARE.)"The FARE system, doctrinally used for refueling aviation assets, was used during the exercise by the Troopers as a retail fuel point for ground vehicles throughout the Regimental Support Area."As the joint training exercise came to its end, both the Troopers and their Allied partners agreed how beneficial it had been for them," said Mills. "They also agreed that there should be more of such events between the two units in the future."