YAVORIV, Ukraine -- Officers and noncommissioned officers with the Ukrainian Land Forces attended an observer coach trainer class taught by instructors with the Joint Multinational Readiness Center Mar 13-18 at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center in order to develop a training cadre as part of Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine.The five-day course's purpose is to train Ukrainian soldiers on the basic functions of an observer coach trainer with the goal of having the newly-trained OCTs become instructors during future rotations of JMTG-U. The class is the first of several to be conducted throughout the year.The JMTG-U effort in creating a Ukrainian training cadre is a part of the ongoing process of establishing a combat training center led and taught by professional and experienced Ukrainian NCOs and officers."It's the first course. We are faced with some mistakes and problems but we are trying to solve all of them. So far, I like my officers' intent for this course, their behavior and how they are looking for new information. For me, I also learned a lot of new information. Now, I'm studying to be an OCT team leader," said Lt. Col. Maksym Klunnyk, chief of Units Development Department of Combat Training Center.Soldiers began the course in the classroom, focusing on core OCT competencies, duties and responsibilities, planning and executing a training exercise and how to observe, coach and teach troop leading procedures."They are very receptive of all the training and they're very proactive in wanting to learn to make themselves better," said Sgt. 1st Class Michael Perez, commandant of the observer coach trainer academy for JMRC.The last day of training soldiers with the Ukrainian army conducted a situational training exercise in which they had the opportunity to integrate opposing forces and multiple integrated laser engagement system following an after action review.