FORT BENNING, Ga., (March 16 2016) -- There are numerous education and professional development opportunities for Department of the Army civilians at Fort Benning. If you feel like you have progressed as far as you can, or that your current job does not challenge you to your full potential, then check out the education and professional development opportunities available at There is a myriad of courses that offer civilian leader development, competitive professional development, career program training and academic degree training programs. If you're interested - discuss developmental opportunities with your supervisor and include them in your Individual Development Plan. Leaders, both military and civilian, play a pivotal role in the professional development of their civilian subordinates. The Individual Development Plan is the tool that guides this process and allows commanders and supervisors to ensure each of their employees is on a path to a successful future.

The Army Civilian Training and Leader Development courses were designed to provide our government service civilians with the knowledge, skills, abilities and leadership development opportunities to help them progress as far as they desire to go in their civilian Army careers. Whether you need technical training in your specific career path or want to broaden your managerial and leadership skill potential, these training programs will assist you in fulfilling those aspirations. Some of the programs are highly competitive and require a concerted effort on the part of both the employee and his or her supervisor to ensure that all of the application requirements and deadlines are met.

Supervisors play an important role in this process because they have to write strong recommendations for their employees to have highly competitive application packets. Supervisors and leaders at all levels, military and civilian, should be constantly looking for civilian employees who demonstrate the greatest potential for advanced training and leader development. Department of the Army Civilians, and their supervisors, owe it to the Army and the nation to ensure we have the best trained and best led civilian workforce.

Civilian education opportunities are available to all career programs and all government service employees in grades GS 5-15. Whether by distance learning or resident instruction, our Department of the Army civilians can receive training from entry level courses to senior service college or defense senior leader development programs.

Instruction is available to GS grades and their pay band equivalents and some resident phases can be taken at either home station or in a per diem status as a temporary duty assignment. The choice is yours and the opportunities are available if you choose to attain your maximum potential as a government service civilian.

Check out the website, review the available training and developmental opportunities, make education and leader development a part of your Individual Development Plan, and begin mapping out your route to achieve your career goals.