USAG-CASEY - Soldiers, Civilians and Family members celebrated a sports national pastime Feb. 2 when they took off their busy schedules to witness football's greatest spectacle, the Supebowl. Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation in Area I made extra efforts to make sure all Soldiers and Family members would have the opportunity to take in the event by offering free breakfast, or brunch and watch the game in Community Activity Centers, clubs and in the field.

"We loaded a wide-screen television in a truck early in the morning to take to Rodriguez Range," said Randy Behr, USAGRC sports manager. "We want to make sure everyone can enjoy the game."

"We make the Superbowl a special event every year at the Gateway Club," said Avelina Richardson, club manager. "We have a free breakfast beginning at 6 a.m. Also, many door prizes to give away, most from the Miller Brewing Co, and both Cardinals and Steelers team jerseys to raffle off. The team jerseys and the two NFL footballs signed by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were bought by the USAG-Casey CAC, with which we teamed together for this year's event."

Because the Miller Co. was so generous with giving promotional prizes to the Gateway Club, Richardson decided to share the items with all the other clubs in Area I presenting the Superbowl.

"All other prizes, more than a dozen different kinds, were given by FMWR marketing," Richardson said.