WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Feb. 3, 2009) - Secretary of the Army Pete Geren hosted an Army Combined Federal Campaign National Capital Area victory celebration at the Pentagon Monday, praising staff and contributors alike for raising more than $3.25 million for charity.

The Army's 2008 CFC goal for the NCA was $2.95 million; but the Army exceeded that goal by collecting $30,000 more from some 10,000 donors, marking the fifth straight year the Army has stretched its contributions.

"It was a tough time to come and ask all of you to not only exceed last year's goal, but to exceed this year's goal," Geren told the audience. "Tough economic times pinched everybody in America, but I know the reason we stepped up and responded as you all did was because you understand the need out there is so great in spite of all the difficulties all of us in the Army experienced this past year."

For more than 40 years CFC has raised millions for charities that work to improve the quality of life for those in need at the local, national and international levels. Nearly 4,000 organizations participate in CFC, providing services such as feeding the hungry, helping shelter abused and neglected children, working to cure diseases, supporting the arts and preserving natural resources.

Joyce E. Morrow, administrative assistant to the secretary said the Army was so generous in the metro area that the service received a Million Dollar Circle Award for contributing more than $3 million for the fifth consecutive year.

The Army CFC team also won awards in three of six categories entered in the 2008 DOD Communications and Marketing Contest. The Office of the Administrative Assistant was honored for best campaign writing or publication by a large agency. The Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff G-8 was selected best in photography and use of images by a small agency and the Center for Army Analysis took honors for best special event by a small agency.

"More important than the awards is the participation of our workforce and the effect that participation will have on the lives of others," Morrow said. "We can be proud of the contributions the Army team made to CFC charities, so take pride in knowing your efforts and contributions will make a difference in someone's life."