ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (March 6, 2016) -- After providing extensive and critical contributions to the improvement of the Army's mobile tactical communications network backbone, Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 2 (WIN-T Inc 2), Col. LaMont Hall passed the program's charter to Lt. Col. Michael Williams on Friday.

Among his many accomplishments at the helm of WIN-T Inc 2, Hall introduced innovative enhancements that increased reliability and made the system easier to use, led the program to achieve full materiel release and full rate production (FRP) decisions, and supported a rapid fielding schedule to ensure today's Soldiers are equipped with the most advanced mobile network possible to support current and future contingencies worldwide.

"It has truly been an honor and privilege working with the entire Inc 2 team," Hall said. "This is a team of dedicated professionals who are talented, focused, high performing and trusted people, excelling at every opportunity during the last two and a half years. They have unconditionally supported me and I want to thank each and every one of them for their great work."

The WIN-T Inc 2 change of charter ceremony was held on March 4 at the Myer Auditorium at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., and was hosted by Col. Greg Coile, Project Manager (PM) for WIN-T, which is assigned to Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T).

Williams, the incoming product manager (PdM) for WIN-T Inc 2, previously served as the assistant product manager (APdM) for Ground Mobility, PM Special Programs. Since August of 2014 he has been responsible for the development, testing, fielding, and sustainment of unique Special Operations Forces capabilities within a classified and accelerated acquisition environment.

To date, Hall has dedicated 30 years of service to the Army. He served as the PdM for WIN-T Inc 2 since July 2013 and will temporarily help manage PM Mission Command, which also assigned to PEO C3T, until he takes on a new assignment (to be determined) this summer.

"Col. Hall is an adaptive, technically savvy and sincere leader who cares deeply for Solders and the capability he delivers to them," said Col. Greg Coile, PM for WIN-T. "He's left a lasting legacy on the tactical network, one that Lt. Col. Williams is sure to build on in the future."

WIN-T Inc 2 is the Army's tactical communications network backbone, the transport mechanism that enables real-time situational awareness, mission command and networked communications (voice, video, chat, email and data) both at-the-halt in the command post and on-the-move in network-equipped vehicles. It enables commanders down to the company level to lead from anywhere on the battlefield. Additionally, WIN-T Inc 2 enables units to expand their operational reach to distances far beyond traditional line-of-sight (FM radio) ranges, while maintaining communications and situational awareness of friendly and enemy forces.

WIN-T Inc 2 also enhances fires missions by significantly reducing end-to-end fires timelines, resulting in fewer dropped fires missions and providing a more reliable fires network. Its capabilities extend legacy FM radio communications beyond-line-of-sight (by satellite) and connect previously disconnected platoon FM networks to the rest of the formation.

"WIN-T provides the reach back and situational awareness throughout the formation that Soldiers need to be effective on the battlefield, at any location," Hall said. "And as technology continues to improve, so too will the Army continue to improve this system, which is a vital component of the Army's expeditionary force."

In November 2013, the WIN-T Inc 2 program started the largest-scale New Equipment Training and Fielding cycle in PEO C3T history, completing it in September 2015. To date the Army has already fielded 14 brigade combat teams and six division headquarters. WIN-T Inc 2 supported operational deployments to Liberia to support the Ebola mission, and to Iraq and Afghanistan, where deployed Soldiers referred to WIN-T Inc 2 as their "digital guardian angel."

The program office pushed WIN-T Inc 2 through one of the most demanding, widest scale and operationally realistic developmental and operational test cycles on record, and implemented significant program usability and reliability improvements. The system received Full Materiel Release and FRP approval in June 2015. WIN-T Inc 2 is the first Army ACAT 1D program to achieve an FRP in more than 12 years.

"Col. Hall has done a fantastic job leading his team over very difficult hurdles to get to full rate production and setting the stage for continued improvements as we field the Army's premier mobile tactical network," said Mike Hedley, deputy PM for WIN-T. "And incoming Lt. Col. Williams is no stranger to WIN-T, so he understands what's in store. His energetic personality will no doubt motivate the team as they continue to provide the network well into the future."

Williams's previous PM WIN-T assignments include APdM for Command and Control on the Move; APdM for Harbormaster Command and Control Center; and APdM for Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 1.

"The Increment 2 team is a very impressive organization and I look forward to working with them and building on the tremendous work they have done delivering capability to the Soldier," Williams said.