CAMP ZAMA (March 4, 2016) -- Throughout the year, multiple Japanese Friendship Groups host members of the Zama Community Spouses' Association to share in their culture and traditions. The last event of the 2015-2016 membership year involved a focus on calligraphy, where 25 participants learned about Japanese calligraphy and practiced making "kanji" characters of their own.

For many of the members, this was their first experience with Japanese calligraphy.

The participants learned proper technique on how to hold the brush, stroke order, and finding the balance in their artwork. Most importantly, the event provided an opportunity for ZaCSA members to experience Japanese culture, interact with the Friendship Group members, and to share a meal after the workshop was finished.

Each year, ZaCSA members participate in several cultural exchange events with five local Japanese Friendship Groups.

The 2015-2016 ZaCSA membership year included twelve events hosted by the Japanese Friendship Groups to include a Tea Ceremony, a Haiku Workshop, a Hiking and Onsen day-trip, and an Asakusa shopping outing, just to name a few!

ZaCSA members also host their Japanese Friendship Groups twice during the year highlighting unique American traditions.

ZaCSA hosted a Christmas party this year with over 80 members of their Japanese Friendship Groups in attendance.

ZaCSA is currently planning its spring friendship event; which also has an annual draw of over 80 Japanese Friendship Group members from Zama City, Sagamihara City, and other local surrounding areas.

The purpose of ZaCSA is to conduct community service, enhance morale and bilateral relations through social interactions. The group also provides community grants, and award scholarships as determined appropriate by its members.

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