CAMP CARROLL, Republic of Korea -- The 403rd Army Field Support Brigade participated in an Area Development Plan for the Waegwan District at the Community Activity Center, here, Feb. 1-5. Logistics Readiness Center-Daegu represented the 403rd AFSB during the workshop.

Other participants included representatives from the Materiel Support Command-Korea, Defense Logistics Agency, 2nd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade, U.S. Army Garrison-Daegu, Housing Management, the Postal Service and 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command.

During the course, participants were reminded to create safe, sustainable communities that support mission, quality of life and force surges. They also learned about multifunctional facilities and identifiable town centers connected by direct, efficient roadways.

On the first day, attendees received a tour of Camp Carroll. Then they began a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis for the Waegwan District, followed by field surveys giving participants a better understanding of the district.

On day two, participants were split into four groups and provided ideas for improvements while being mindful of restrictions like funding and future plans.

The third day consisted of analyzing the ideas for improvement and developing the Preferred and Illustrative Plan.

The next day, the group collectively developed phases, capacity and a regulating plan.

On the final day, the participants provided an out-brief to Col. Kelly Lawler, 19th ESC deputy commander, and Col. Kenneth Stephens, U.S. Army Garrison-Daegu commander.

"The entire workshop went extremely well," said Aaron Close, chief, Master Planning Division. "We had great representation from the district's major mission stakeholders. Combined with excellent contributions from our BASOPS (base operations) stakeholders, we were successful in improving our understanding of near and long-term mission requirements and devising ways to phase them into the overall area development plan."

The commanders reminded the group of the ever-changing environment and mission, noting current plans must be adaptable.

"The workshop gave me the opportunity to visualize the long-term effort that goes into sustainment on an installation and quality of life for Soldiers," said Monica Richmond, Housing manager.
Local leaders were reminded to continue support of the Area Development Plan because their voices help to improve its effectiveness.