Buckle up Dugway, every trip, every time.

Making this easy to remember are new florescent-yellow seatbelt covers, which are being be placed in Dugway government vehicles this week.

"Data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration validates that the use of seat belts will reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about half," said Philip Krippner, chief, Dugway Safety Office.

The loss of employee lives is a call for action that the U.S. Army's Test & Evaluation Command has ratified according to an operational order from the ATEC headquarters earlier this month.

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one reason federal employees are involved in accidents according to several Federal studies.

The guidance came from the Safety and Occupational Health Counsel Jan. 21 as a best business policy, which Maj. Gen. Daniel Karbler, ATEC's commander, was quick to endorse and ensure his test centers, the Army's sole independent test and evaluation enterprise, saves lives.

The new seatbelt covers, which attach with Velcro, will slip over the typical dark or neutral colored belts of government vehicles. This makes them easy to install and noticeable if a driver is not buckled up.

The bright color easily reminds drivers that they are responsible for their riders' safety while operating a government vehicle. Occupational health statistics overwhelmingly state that deaths are preventable if seatbelts are used consistently.

ATEC's adoption shows its commitment to its employees' safety.

It appears it will be an accepted practice by all government agencies. It also makes it easier for police officers and access control guards to enforce the use of seat belts, which can be difficult from a distance.

"Maj. Gen. Karbler's high-visible seatbelt cover initiative demonstrates a personal commitment in protecting the team throughout the enterprise," Krippner said. "These Hi-Vis covers will be a daily reminder of our personal commitment to safety."

Occupational health statistics overwhelmingly show that deaths are preventable if seatbelts are used consistently.

"This is a great idea and they are easy to attach," said Don Smith, Dugway garrison manager. "I once had a trooper tell me that he had never had to unbuckle a dead man."

So buckle up Dugway, every trip, every time.

U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground is a proud member of the Army Test & Evaluation team.