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SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- Thanks to a grant funded by the Department of Defense Education Activity, there are now two interactive online programs that are available, free of cost, to all students in the 10 Leilehua Complex schools.

The Leilehua schools involved in the program include Hale Kula Elementary, Solomon Elementary, Wheeler Elementary, Helemano Elementary, Wahiawa Elementary, Iliahi Elementary, Ka'ala Elementary, Wheeler Middle, Wahiawa Middle, and Leilehua High School.

SOAR explained

The Student Online Achievement Resources Grant, or the SOAR grant, provides online math and reading practice through interactive online programs. These two online programs (SuccessMaker and GradPoint) are available to assist military-connected students with math and reading skills and to get additional support with concepts developed in the classroom.

Through the programs provided by the SOAR grant, students experience an online interactive lesson, followed by the opportunity to practice a specific, targeted skill or concept. By providing feedback based on individual progression, students know how they are doing and how much they have improved.

These programs identify what problems they get wrong and where they have made an error, so a parent or teacher can intervene to ensure they don't make the same mistake again.

SuccessMaker is a highly interactive one-on-one instructional program for students in grades K-8. This program continually adapts to show how the student is performing and presents the material in a fun way that both challenges and motivates the student.

Additionally, this program only requires that a student spend 20 minutes a day, three-to-five days a week on it. With consistent use, SuccessMaker can get your child on the grade level (if they are behind) and take them to the next grade level.

GradPoint is a highly effective and enriching learning experience for students in grades 6-12. This program aligns with courses that students are enrolled in. If they are struggling in their math class, GradPoint is a great alternative to help present the material to them in a different way. This is a great resource for parents and/or tutors to use with students struggling with course concepts.

Recognizing challenges

In addition to the everyday stresses of finishing homework on time and getting good grades, military children face unique challenges, such as moving frequently and having a parent deployed or away for training. Both SuccessMaker and GradPoint can help military children to overcome these educational challenges, so they can get ahead.

Program Support

Families can contact the School Liaison Office at 655-8326 for more information, and are reminded that the value of these programs is dependent on student use and availability of funding.

Additional program information and support can be provided by the Leilehua Complex Area Instructional Coach, Amanda McConnell, at 622-6393, ext. 273.

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