GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- Describing the role of U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria within the framework of today's international geopolitics and uncertain future, the director of Installation Management Command-Europe highlighted expanded training opportunities for U.S. and local national employees at a town hall here Feb. 18.

With the Army's expanding role in Europe, Michael Formica, director of IMCOM-Europe, voiced a clear message to garrison employees: We need to invest in our garrison employees.

In today's environment, Formica said, our Army and NATO play a role in deterring Russia and terrorist activity -- from the eastern flank of Europe and along its southern flank. "We can't do that without you," said Formica to a theater packed with garrison employees.

"It is so important for Bavaria to do its mission because you enable the Soldiers on this installation to be ready and the leaders on this installation to focus on deterrence."

The IMCOM region director described the Army profession -- codified in 2010 and updated in 2015 -- and tied it to the responsibility of all Soldiers and civilians of all paygrades and nationalities. The profession is about character, competence and stewardship, he said.

"I want you to consider yourself as not a worker or an employee, but as a member of the United States Army, as a professional," Formica said.

But every professional needs training and education in addition to experience. Formica has approached Army leadership, for example, to "open the doors" to allow greater participation by more German, Belgian, Dutch and Italian local national employees.

Formica highlighted these training opportunities open to U.S. and local national employees:

Installation Management Command Enterprise Leader Development Program (IELD)
*GS 14/15 and equivalent
*The Harvard University Program for Senior Executive Fellows
*The Leadership for a Democratic Society at the Federal Executive Institute
*The Senior Leader Seminar
*The Senior Manager Course in National Security Leadership

IMCOM Headquarters Centralized Mentoring Program (HCMP)
*Mentee applicants -- GS 9-13 and equivalent
*Mentor applicants -- GS 14/15 and equivalent

IMCOM Headquarters Developmental Assignment Program (DAP)
*30, 45, 60 days
*Appropriated Fund Employees -- GS 7-13
*Non-appropriated Fund Employees -- NF-5 and below (in positions comparable to GS 7-13)
*Equivalent Local National Employees

Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM)
*SETM is open to GS 14/15 or equivalent
*Defense Senior Leader Development Program (DSLDP)
*Senior Service College (SSC)
*Senior Service College Distance Education (SSCDE)
*SETM -- Temporary Duty (SETM -TDY)
*Enterprise Placement Program (EPP) Option 1 --Reassignment

*Enterprise Placement Program (EPP) Option 2 --SES Detail
*Army Senior Civilian Fellowship (ASCF)

Enterprise Talent Management (ETM)
*ETM is open to GS 13 or equivalent
*Command and General Staff Officer College (CGSOC)
*Executive Leader Development Program (ELDP) DoD Level Program (Includes GS 12 or equivalent)
*Leadership Shadowing Experience
*Enterprise Talent Management -- Temporary Duty (ETM --TDY)

"What we do isn't about making money or about making a product. It's about enabling security," Formica said. "My responsibility is to ensure all of you are capable."