Deadlines approaching for officers, warrants, to apply for transfer to cyber branch

By Mr. Bill Roche (Army Cyber Command)February 19, 2016

Deadlines approaching for commissioned, warrant officers to apply to transfer into Cyber branch
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WASHINGTON (Army Cyber Command, Feb. 18, 2016) -- Deadlines are approaching for active Army commissioned and warrant officers interested in joining the Army Cyber Branch under two Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program efforts.

Interested active-duty warrant officers in the grades of warrant officer 1 through chief warrant officer 4 are eligible to request transfer to become 170A Cyber Operations Technicians.

While warrant officers with Cyber Mission Force operational experience and cyber technical expertise are preferred, the selection panel "will also assess personnel with a diversity of talent in cyber-related fields," according to the Army Human Resources Command's official Military Personnel Message announcing the program.

The deadline for warrant officers to apply is March 1. Instructions and further details can be found in MIPER Message 16-016.

Active Army competitive category officers in the grades of first lieutenant or captain; first lieutenants and captains who are promotable as of the March 18 application deadline; and majors with fewer than 14 years of active federal commissioned service as of March 18, are eligible to apply for transfer as well.

The deadline for commissioned officers to apply is March 18. Instructions and further details can be found in MIPER Message 16-039.

The selection panel for warrant officer transfers is scheduled to convene March 21 and release its results May 1, while the officer selection panel is scheduled to convene April 25 and release its results May 27.

In addition, active-duty lieutenant colonels and majors with 14 or more years active federal service; first lieutenants and captains enrolled in the branch detail program requesting to remain in their detailed branch; and officers who must transfer out of their current branches due to medical limitations or medical board proceedings, may be considered as exceptions.

Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program deadlines do not apply to officers who qualify for exceptions. These officers may apply at any time.

The full MILPER messages outlining officer and warrant officer transfer program eligibility, application requirements and restrictions are available under "Cyber Branch Transfer announcements" on the HRC Cyber Branch Assignment Management website.

Information on how enlisted Soldiers can apply to reclassify into Military Occupational Specialty 17C (Cyber Operations Specialist) can be found on that site as well.

More information on Cyber Branch specialties and training can be found on the Army Cyber School website.

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