Public Access to JAGCNet Blocked

By U.S. ArmyFebruary 10, 2016

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Access to JAGCNet Public and Intranet Sites

ARCYBER has directed the blocking of numerous public and private linked websites hosted by the Pentagon Headquarters Enterprise Network (HEN) for security reasons. The effort is to segment all public (Internet) servers from private (intranet) servers that are hosted within the same network locations. The second aspect of the directive is to limit access to private servers from .MIL locations. The short answer is if you access JAGCNet (regardless of public or private) from a .MIL location (every post, camp, and station), there is no impact. If you attempt to access any part of JAGCNet from a personal PC, even with a CAC reader installed, it will not work. You can access JAGCNet (regardless of public or private) from a government computer/laptop with VPN (Virtual Private Network) access software.

See your local installation NEC service desk, office manager, IT Specialist, G6, etc. for assistance on accessing government networks remotely.

This ARCYBER directive impacts not only the JAGC but every staff element of the Army Headquarters including G6 websites. Our support provider is working diligently to create a new environment for public systems, and we hope to have those restored in the coming weeks. The private side and the new requirements for access will not change. These changes currently impact Army hosted systems, not DoD, but it is anticipated these changes will begin be applied to other systems in the future.

If you have any problems accessing applications or normally go through the public side first, please bookmark (note the 2 in the address) and this will ensure you are on the private (intranet) side of JAGCNet. If you have any issues accessing the business applications like MJO, CIS, ALCS, etc., from a military location, please contact the service desk at 703-693-0000.

We will provide updates to this status as they occur.