An individual detained with a concealed weapon on Fort Leonard Wood is a reminder that the post's firearms rules and regulations apply to all service members, Department of the Army civilians, contractors, visitors and their Family members, once they enter the boundary of the installation.

"If you live off the installation, there is no Missouri requirement to register your firearms," said Rick Vise, Installation Physical Security officer.

"However, the firearms must be registered before entering the installation for an authorized recreational activity, such as hunting or sport-shooting purposes," Vise said.

Fort Leonard Wood Single Soldier Quarters or post-housing residents must register their firearms with the Provost Marshal Office within five days of arrival or immediately after procuring a weapon.

"Allow adequate time to process the registration and obtain the background check," Vise said, noting the process can take several days.

Certain background-check findings will prohibit firearm registration on the installation.

Those include felony convictions, court convictions of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or felony, fugitive from justice or conviction in court of the possession, use or sale of marijuana, dangerous or narcotic drugs.

"In addition, anyone presently declared mentally incompetent or presently committed to a mental institution would not be permitted to register a firearm on Fort Leonard Wood," Vise said.

"Unit commanders are required to verify proof of legal ownership and that the individual is not prohibited from owning a firearm. The commander will also document that the service member and/or Family member has received the appropriate safety training on the use and storage of the firearm," he added.

Storage rules apply to firearms kept in on-post housing:

-- Firearms must be kept out of the reach of small children;

-- They must be secured in a place separate from ammunition;

-- They must be under double lock when home is unattended. One of the locks may be the home entrance and the other may be, for example, a locked container or a trigger mechanism.

Commanders may direct that owners store firearms in the unit's arms storage facility for those who reside on Fort Leonard Wood.

Officers and noncommissioned officers who reside in Single Soldier Housing are required to store weapons and ammunition in the unit's arms storage facility, Vise said.

Although the installation offers conceal carry classes, carrying concealed firearms or weapons on Fort Leonard Wood is not allowed.

"A Missouri Concealed Carry Permit or a concealed weapons/carry permit from any state is not recognized or valid on Fort Leonard Wood," Vise said.

Hunters and sports shooters are allowed to bring firearms or weapons on the installation, but the following rules apply.

You must declare the presence of a firearm to the Installation Access Control Point guard.

You must be in possession of and prepare to present the registration form (FLW Form 1835 or 1835A) upon request.

You must obey the installation and Missouri hunting regulations, which include possessing or obtaining the proper licenses and permits.

Firearms can't be loaded and the ammunition must be stored separately.

Firearms must be kept in the trunk. For vehicles without trunks, firearms must be stored in the glove compartment and encased so they won't be readily available to the drivers or passengers.

Firearm possession rules can be found in Army Regulation 190-11 and Fort Leonard Wood Regulation 190-6.

"The most important thing to remember is safety -- both in the use and securing of the firearm or weapon," Vise said.

For more information on privately owned weapons and registration forms, visit

The site contains links to registration forms, that along with attachments, can be sent as PDF to; faxed to 573.596.5393 and include a cover sheet addressed to ATTN Firearm Registrations; mailed to Directorate of Emergency Services, Security Operations Branch, 261 19th Street, Building 1000, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473; or dropped off any time at the Visitor Center in Bldg. 100, 573.596.0590.