FORT BELVOIR, Virginia -- (Feb. 3, 2016) More than 160 industry representatives from across the National Capital Region gathered here Jan. 13 at Thurman Hall for a small business acquisition forecast open house to hear a forecast of 2016 anticipated requirements hosted by the Mission and Installation Contracting Command-Fort Belvoir contracting office.Leaders from the MICC-Fort Belvoir contracting office said the primary goal of the event was to provide transparency between the Fort Belvoir office and small businesses by providing relevant and current information on how to pursue contract opportunities with the MICC. Industry representatives attending offered an array of different commodities and services as well as construction capabilities.The all-day event began with opening remarks by Stephens Brooks, the Fort Belvoir Garrison deputy garrison commander, emphasizing the importance of the partnership between the garrison, its tenants and the neighboring community. Lt. Col. Jonathan Patrick, the MICC-Fort Belvoir commander, next conveyed the MICC mission to provide Army commands, installations and activities with disciplined and responsive contracting solutions and oversight. He then introduced key leaders within the organization and further outlined MICC-Fort Belvoir's mission to support seven installations to include Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, Fort Meade and Fort Detrick, Maryland, Fort McNair, Washington, and Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall and Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia."This is a great opportunity for MICC-Fort Belvoir to interact and share information with small business leaders from the community on the Army contracting process, our forecasted requirements, and how to connect with my team members and government partners who are available to provide advice and assistance as you navigate the federal contracting domain," said Patrick.Kay Matthews, the MICC-Fort Belvoir small business specialist, gave a presentation titled "Doing Business with the Army" that included helpful ideas and tips to vendors on how to better market their business to the government, obtain Small Business Administration certifications, and navigate the Federal Acquisition Regulation. She encouraged small business representatives to use the open house and other similar event to network and look for subcontracting opportunities and teaming arrangements.Following the small business brief, representatives from the SBA, General Services Administration, FedBid, George Mason Procurement Technical Assistance Center, and District of Columbia Procurement Technical Assistance Center presented a brief on the roles and missions of their respective organizations to provide visibility of their unique activities in the complex federal acquisition environment. In the afternoon, MICC-Fort Belvoir contracting office division chiefs presented future business opportunities for fiscal 2016 and beyond to include equipment rental and leasing, custodial and janitorial services, software packages, family advocacy services, and many other commodities, services and minor construction projects planned for execution by MICC-Fort Belvoir supported organizations.The open house closed with small business representatives having an opportunity to meet individually with contracting officers in a match-making event to discuss specific contracting opportunities in more detail and ask questions germane to their business capabilities."During numerous discussions with various vendors throughout the day, I heard echoing sentiments relating to their appreciation for exposure to upcoming federal requirements and the opportunity to network with not only MICC-Fort Belvoir contracting professionals but also local business owners in the community," Maj. George Kloppenburg said as the day's events came to a close. Kloppenburg is a contracting officer with the MICC-Fort Belvoir contracting office. MICC-Fort Belvoir is made up of 66 military and civilian members responsible for contracting for Soldiers. In fiscal 2015, the contracting office executed more than 2,000 contract actions valued at more than $222 million, including $132 million to small businesses. MICC-Fort Belvoir also managed more than 55,000 Government Purchase Card Program transactions in fiscal 2015 valued at an additional $46 million.