In October, the Asset Management Directorate at Sierra Army Depot started a critical part pull effort to support production lines at Anniston Army Depot.

The effort required the pulling of oil cooler fans to be removed from power packs in M-1 Abrams tanks currently stored in the long term storage area at SIAD. The power packs were completely removed from the M-1 Abrams tanks with the use of a crane and several other pieces of equipment to support operations.

Through the collaborative efforts of AMD personnel who work in the area daily, mechanics within the Maintenance Directorate, and crane operators from the Directorate of Base Support that provided the cranes, worked together to get the program started.

Employees from all directorates across SIAD and employees with Lear Sigler, Inc., had to work quickly to meet production schedules at Anniston; preventing the shutting down of production lines at ANAD.

AMD personnel set the production line in place, removed the deck plates, attached the engine sling to the power pack for removal, set the power pack on skids that were built and provided by SIAD's Box Fabrication Division, and packaged the oil cooler fans for shipment within a very short time frame. The first shipment was ready to go before the end of the first week.

Maintenance Directorate personnel disconnected the power packs and performed the removal of the oil cooler fans.

Thanks to the team spirit at SIAD, ANAD did not have to shut down any production lines. Those individuals that are involved to make this a successful mission are a credit to that team spirit here at Sierra.