DURHAM, N.C. - The 30th Armored Brigade Combat Team had a history .making day, here, on Jan. 10, 2016. Old Hickory soldiers were part of a ceremony for the creation/ reorganization of the 30th Special Troops Battalion (STB) into a brigade engineer battalion; the 236th Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB).

The 236th BEB is tasked to execute combat, general, and geospatial engineering capabilities in support of decisive action operations. The BEB provides organic engineer, military intelligence, signal, CBRN, planning, and execution capabilities to the 30th ABCT.

"I'm a third generation guardsmen, and it is exciting to continue that legacy by creating a new lineage," said McNeill.

The new 236th guardsmen will be given a clean slate to begin a new history for the 236th.

We get to be a part of building a new legacy with the 236th as we reorganize," said Tod Thames, the 236th's commander. "We break up a 150 man Company to two more manageable companies. One will have 112 soldiers, and one will have 94 when all the new positions are filled."

The BEB is also fully capable to conduct domestic disaster response missions with its specialized units supporting the citizens of North Carolina and the region.

"I believe the transition is going to be great for the 30th Brigade," McNeill said. "It is an honor to set the stage and be successful for the Battalion, the Brigade, and all of the North Carolina National Guard."