NETCOM deputy commanding general promoted
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NETCOM deputy commanding general promoted
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NETCOM deputy commanding general promoted
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FORT HUACHUCA, Arizona (NETCOM) -- The Network Enterprise Technology Command held a general officer promotion ceremony in the auditorium of Greely Hall here January 7.

Brig. Gen. Todd Isaacson, deputy commanding general, pinned on his one-star rank with the help of his family and Maj. Gen. John Morrison Jr., NETCOM commanding general. Morrison and Isaacson have known each other for many years, to a time when they were both captains, recalled Morrison.

"I've seen him -- no matter where he's been -- impact everybody around him," Morrison said. "I've seen him in the Pentagon on the joint staff in the joint information environment; all those things we're executing today with modernization, started with a concept from this soon-to-be brigadier general. Now, he's here helping us execute it at speed and taking something from PowerPoint and truly transform our networks inside the Department of Defense."

Morrison praised Isaacson's character as a true tactician and a caring leader, and noted that he believed this would not be the last promotion Isaacson would see.

Isaacson's family -- parents, wife and two children -- were on-hand to help place the new shoulder boards onto Isaacson's jacket, shirt and beret. After being administered the Oath of Office, the Army's newest brigadier general had great many people to thank for helping him get to this point in his career -- starting with his family.

"I thank first my parents," Isaacson said. "I can't think of a single event -- whether it be military or academic or athletic -- that they weren't present. For me, that has meant a lot over the years. It has demonstrated to me what right looks like as parents."

His wife and children were next, thanking them for the sacrifices they have made during his time in the Army. His emotions were apparent as Isaacson recalled his returns from lengthy tours away and deployments.

Isaacson also thanked the NETCOM family, and leadership of the Fort Huachuca and Sierra Vista communities for making his family feel so welcome here.

"I've lived in a lot of different places," Isaacson said. "Living on this installation and being in this city really is an extraordinary experience for my family and we appreciate it. This is a place you can really enjoy, and we have your leadership to thank for that."

The U.S. Senate confirmed Isaacson's promotion December 10. Isaacson assumed his current position at NETCOM in July 2015.

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