ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (January 4, 2016) -- The gift of technology, from the newest phone to tablets, gaming consoles and entertainment systems, were handed out this holiday season.

But, now that the gifts are unwrapped, how do all these gadgets work together? Connecting and synching devices can be time consuming and tricky.

Army mission command systems exist in a similar environment. After all, current systems, upgrades and future technologies will need to work together seamlessly across all the warfighting functions. While gift-givers may simply have to search for a universal remote or the right app to connect all their different systems, it's harder to synch up separate Army mission command systems. However, the Army is working on it, already beginning to deliver the Command Post Computing Environment (CP CE).

As a tool that aims to simplify hardware and software infrastructures for Command Posts (CP) at all levels to deliver integrated information, CP CE provides users a common, intuitive user experience. CP CE is a part of the Army's shift to simplify warfighting functions into a single Common Operating Environment (COE).

The latest tech products opened up this holiday season show how modern technologies drive efficiencies. For example, the gift of a new phone is also a camera, a media player and internet browser which can access data from the user's laptop or back to their television; in the same sense mission command systems that are a part of CP CE will no longer simply be standalone systems.

Many capabilities are transitioning to web-based apps that can be accessed via a secure internet. Delivering those capabilities through Tactical Applications (TacApps) is the implementation of essential warfighting functions (e.g. maneuver, fires, engineering, logistics) onto a common map that incorporates a common look and feel to application based capabilities leveraging common services and infrastructure. TacApps are COE/CP CE compliant and provide real time, rich collaboration across echelons that can run on a variety of end user devices.

"This is an important step towards making our command post systems more intuitive and seamlessly interoperable. We're increasing the reach of useful and actionable information to a wider audience," said Rob Tisch, Deputy Project Manager, Mission Command. The common data standards and implementation of the COE enable us to simplify and modernize the CP quicker and more efficiently."