I would like to wish every one of you a safe and prosperous holiday season. In that spirit, our goal for this holiday period is for our 8th TSC Family to remain accident-free through the holiday season. Leaders must stay vigilant to protect our force. We must convey to our Soldiers and civilian employees that we are counting on them to return safely. We must all look out for each other and effectively manage risk, especially during off-duty activities.

Prior to both four-day weekends, leaders will focus their attention on Soldier's and civilian employee's safe and responsible behaviors in support of 8th TSC's goal of a fatality-free and no accident holiday period. The 8th TSC Safety office's safety folder (https://portal.usarpac.army.mil:35000/8thtsc/staff/Safety/default.aspx) contains valuable information on common hazards and more information is available at the US Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center (https://safety.army.mil/).

As we stress safety it is important everyone enjoys the holiday season. During this special time of year, please remember the sacrifices of our Soldiers and civilians deployed around the world and their families back at home. I look forward to 2016 being an even safer year for the 8th TSC. Sustain the Force!

My Point of Contact is the 8th TSC Safety Manager, Mr. Tim Ah Young-Shelton at DSN 315-438-0825 or Timothy.r.ahyoung-shelton.civ@mail.mil