In a large cafeteria at Louis J. Morris Elementary in Huntsville, Alabama , 80 first-graders wait with eager eyes after catching a glimpse of the Christmas tree next to the stage. Below the stage are nearly 250 gifts that U.S. Army Contracting Command employees bought, wrapped, and are donating to these children as part of the Angel Tree program.On Dec. 15, at the ACC Holiday Open House Maj. Gen. James E. Simpson, ACC commanding general, praised employees on their generosity to the students of their adopted school."We posted the wish-lists of 80 first-graders on our tree and you chose every one of them. You bought bikes, remote-controlled cars, dolls, stuffed animals, and other goodies. I know these kids will have a better Christmas because you made sure Santa Claus came to town for them! Thank you for caring!" he said.The next day, approximately a dozen employees went to Morris to help deliver the gifts to the students. Besides the students, many parents showed up to see what the children received and show their appreciation as well."I have three children," one mother said as she waited for her daughter to receive a gift. "Any little bit helps."When asked why they think people who didn't even know them might have given them a gift, the first-graders said, "they must be nice people" and "I guess because it's Christmas!"And though their answers on what they were hoping to receive varied as greatly as their initial wish lists--from dolls to tablets to one of those 11 bikes sitting up front--they all agreed that they felt the same way about today and how ACC employees made them feel: "Happy and excited!"One person who really summed up the entire experience for everyone was James Vasquez, the Morris school counselor."Personally, it just warms my heart to see the kids like this. It validates why I'm here and why I do what I do," he said. "But we couldn't do it without you guys. Events like this--this helped half our school. I hope we can continue to work together!"