FORT DIX, N.J. (Dec. 11, 2015) -- Soldiers who attend the Army Basic Instructor Course, or ABIC, are usually experienced trainers, but many have difficulty translating their training skills to the classroom.Sgt. Marcy DiOssi, who attended the 94th Training Division's 10-day ABIC on Fort Dix, New Jersey, said the course was an opportunity to get accustomed to the classroom and to gain confidence speaking in front of large groups of people."Most of my experiences are hands on in the field teaching Soldiers as a squad leader ... I'm really comfortable there," said DiOssi, 1/95th Engineer Battalion, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. "In the classroom ... that's a challenge."The ABIC trains students to be instructors who can educate Soldiers within the Army school system. Eligible individuals include, enlisted Soldiers, officers, Department of the Army, or DA, civilians, and DA defense contractors. Students learn how to prepare and present tasks and are evaluated on whether they perform the tasks to standard. They also learn how to develop questions and review lesson plans.Master Sgt. Jacqueline Holmes, the course manager assigned to 4th Brigade, 94th Training Division, Fort Jackson, South Carolina, said the teaching skills students learn during the ABIC can be applied in the Army and the civilian world."It's a good resume item," said Holmes, who's also a retired school teacher and college instructor.DiOssi, a bridge crew member and squad leader, said she's quickly becoming comfortable in front of the class, and is beginning to understand the fundamentals of teaching."This will definitely help me out in the field," she said. "It's definitely helped me with my confidence."