FORT BRAGG, N.C. - This year, the 18th Annual Randy Oler Memorial Operation Toy Drop will have something, and someone, new in the sky for you to look for.U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) and partner nation jumpmasters spent Wednesday morning familiarizing themselves with a C-27 Spartan aircraft, which is set to debut during Toy Drop.Sgt. 1st Class Salvador Moran, a U.S. Army Reserve Soldier with U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command (Airborne), said that though this aircraft is much smaller than a C-130 military aircraft, it is just as powerful. This is due to it possessing the same engines of what a C-130 would have.This is the first time a C-27 aircraft has been used in Operation Toy Drop, but the aircraft isn't the Operation's only new addition. Colombian Special Operations Command jumpmaster Capt. Juan DeValdenebro said this is the first year his country has sent a team to participate in Operation Toy Drop."We are very glad to have this opportunity," he said. "We are very proud to be here, not only as Colombians, but as South Americans."Due to the C-27's smaller size, there will be no mass exit jumps. Instead, Alternate Door Exiting Procedures for Training Option 2 will be employed. This consists of one side of paratroopers jumping at a time, then switching to the other side. The aircraft seats 24 paratroopers.According to DeValdenebro, Colombian doctrine and procedures for parachuting and jumpmaster operations are very similar to that of the U.S. He wants him and his team to share their knowledge with American troops and take back new information with them to Colombia to help with international military joint operations.There are four Colombian Special Operations jumpmasters here on Fort Bragg who are trained in static line parachuting techniques and high-altitude military free-fall jumps. They are hoping to jump from different aircraft and employ different methods, as well as supply Operation Toy Drop participants with a new pair of wings."It's an honor for us being here and we are very grateful that your guys [gave] us the opportunity to be here," DeValdenebro said. "We are looking forward to coming next year with a more presence."