Good luck, Charlie

By Staff Sgt. Jason RagucciNovember 30, 2015

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Good luck, Charlie
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Good luck, Charlie
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FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Every company in 5th Battalion, 1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne) has the challenging mission of training Psychological Operation Soldiers, noncommissioned officers and officers in the art of influence. Alpha Company is responsible for conducting advanced individual training for the Army enlisted Reservists.

Alpha Company is responsible for conducting advanced individual training for the Army enlisted Reservists.

Bravo Company is responsible for conducting both the Psychological Operations Officer Qualification Course and the Psychological Operations Sergeants Course for the Army, Marines, Air Force and allied forces.

Charlie Company recently had its first commander assume command, and they have the mission of conducting further research and development to ensure the PSYOP community sustains the momentum gained over the recent years of influencing in a complex operating environment, a unique opportunity that impacts the future of the Psychological Operations Regiment.

The 5th BN, 1st SWTG(A), Charlie Company's command team, Maj. McCarty and Master Sgt. Taylor, accepted the challenge during an assumption of command ceremony held Nov. 17, 2015, inside John F. Kennedy Hall.

"I quickly learned that the cadre, though few, has made significant achievements," said McCarty. "I learned that their impact extends well beyond their courses as they regularly receive requests from the operational force for support in recognition of their knowledge and expertise."

The need for Charlie Company and its specialized instruction was demonstrated when Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict Michael Lumpkin addressed members of the House Armed Services Committee and Subcommittee on emerging threats at the Countering Adversarial Propaganda Hearing held late this October.

"We know most of our information activities will require long-term effort," said Lumpkin. "As technology and the way society utilizes the emerging communications means continue to evolve, we foresee the continual need to bring new skill sets in our Military Information Support Operations force."

U.S. military commanders since Gen. Washington have relied on military deception as a traditional military activity to create advantage and protect the force. Gen. Pershing and other allied commanders in World War I used misinformation and visual tactic deception to great effect, but military deception came into even greater prominence during World War II. In the buildup to the 1944 invasion of Normandy, the Allies executed one of the largest deceptions in military history, Operation Bodyguard, helping them achieve full tactical and strategic surprise. Charlie Company is responsible for military deception training for the special operations community to ensure this vital force multiplier remains in the commander's kitbag.

Charlie Company's mandate is even more critical in the contemporary operating environment after U.S. Special Operations Command Director and Directorate of Force Management and Development Maj. Gen. Christopher Haas also addressed members of the House Armed Services Committee on emerging threats and capabilities subcommittee.

"Our adversaries are currently using propaganda and misinformation to great effect, often with a mix of sophisticated technology and overt brutality," said Haas. "We must move forward with clarity of purpose and focus our uniquely qualified non-kinetic resources to combat our nation's enemies."

Charlie Company's Special Skill Courses are a pilot program, in which Psychological Operations Soldiers learn one of three essential skills: Intelligence support, multimedia techniques and dissemination. The end result allows the Psychological Operations Regiment to field the robust team of professionals needed in the contemporary and future operating environments. Two successful pilots have already been administered during the current Psychological Operations Sergeants Course (POSC).

"We will continue to build a company that meets the demands of the operational force with current solutions from both academic and private sector to enable the power to influence in the 21st century," said McCarty.

This company is expected to set high standards with its responsibilities developing the advanced skills necessary to positively impact the future of the Psychological Operations Regiment. Good luck, Charlie.