Lieutenant Colonels Good and Lamar Retirement Ceremonies
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23 November 2015, a bitter sweet day, The U.S. Army Office of Business Transformation (OBT) bids farewell to two officers who have held cornerstone positions and worked to save the Army and the Department of Defense millions of dollars in their tenure at the Pentagon. Lieutenant Colonels Gary Good and Carl Lamar were both members of the Business Transformation Directorate which helped manage the certification and management of over 700 Army information systems with a $2.1 Billion annual appropriation. LTG Spoehr, the Director of OBT presided over two separate ceremonies honoring the many accomplishments of these Soldiers for Life. LTC Gary Good held a small ceremony at the National Archives and, as noted by his farewell speech, has taken the many skills he has learned in the service and turned entrepreneur, by already establishing his own business strategy consultancy company. LTC Lamar had his ceremony in the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues from across his 30 years of service to the Nation. LTC Lamar noted that he joined the Army just weeks after turning 17 years old and has spent nearly two-thirds of his life in uniform. For both retiring officers and their co-workers the ceremonies and joint reception afterwards were full of stories that clearly show how once a Soldier ... Always ... a Soldier for Life.