The event started at the brigade headquarters building where each team was given a map, protractor and a ten digit grid coordinate to the next station. Teams could take the safe longer route by staying on the street, or could take a shortcut through the trails and brush to save time. Each group was graded on overall time, how well they work together as a team at each station and given a situation awareness test at the end to describe key points during the route. "I think it's awesome that this event gives us a time to all come together," said Misty Bruce, spouse of Soldier in 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment. "It's wonderful that the Army offers us these opportunities to do things as a community while our Soldiers are deployed." Throughout the course teams were tested physically and mentally as they assembled weapons in the dark, carried ammo cans, water jugs, tires, cargo net and a tow bar across through a 2-mile trail and a football field covered with simulated land mines, fireman and litter carried three team members up a hill, found and assembled a military radio antenna and raced 2 miles back to the starting point to finish. "This event is challenging me in ways I didn't think was even possible," said Kelly Dudley, spouse of Soldier in 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment. "I'm learning how to read a map, use a protractor and work together as a team." "This event helped build stronger bonds between family readiness groups and our family members," said Sergeant First Class Randy Henson, A Company, 4-31 IN. "The most challenging parts were buddy carrying people up the hill and moving equipment through the trail." During the award ceremony, Col. Matthew Morris, ready force commander, thanked all teams for their hard work and endurance through this tough event. The first place award and Army Achievement Medal went to team "Havoc," 2nd BCT's Headquarters and Headquarter Company. Second place was team "Sappers," 41st Engineer Battalion and placing third was team "Providers," 210 Brigade Support Battalion. "It was exciting to win since a lot of our team is senior in rank and age," said Capt. Ariel Bush, brigade medical operations officer. "It was nice to show the younger Soldiers that we are willing to participate and support the brigade." Morris ended the event by saying, Veterans Day is a day for you, our fellow team members, families, all the vets that came before us, that will come after us and those that couldn't be here today.