Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall officials ask everyone to take part in the Department of Homeland Security's "see something, say something" campaign.
Noticeable or suspicious activity that should be reported to military or civilian police include people monitoring or photographing JBM-HH facilities or gates. Say something, even if the activity turns out to be authorized. If someone complains of a lost or compromised security code or access card and expects you to let them in/help them out, don't let them slide by on your say so. Say something to the security personnel, military or civilian police.
Another say something moment could be when you see many people who appear to be working in unison exhibiting suspicious behavior; this may be innocent, but say something to authorities anyway. If you receive a threatening phone call or correspondence, including via social media, take it seriously and report it to the proper authorities.
If you see someone trying to park a vehicle close to public events on base (a retirement ceremony perhaps), say something to the military or civilian police. When you see a substance leaking from a vehicle or suspect a hazardous material leak, say something.
To report an actual incident, call 911 and provide the five "W's" to the best of your ability: Who, What, Where, When and Why (if possible).
For more information, call the JBM-HH Police Dispatch Operations at 703-696-3525 or the Police Operations Desk at 703-588-2801.