This product office may not be the most glamorous, but its importance to aviation units is evident.

Aviation Ground Support Equipment, under the Aviation Systems Project Office, manages 20 systems. Lt. Col. Russ Wygal became the AGSE product manager Jan. 7 in an assumption of charter ceremony at Bob Jones Auditorium.

"My goal is to support the requirements of the Soldiers and Army aviation units worldwide," Wygal said.

The 47-year-old San Diego native was commissioned an aviation officer in 1988 through ROTC at San Diego State University. He earned a master's in acquisition and procurement from Webster University in 2002.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be here," Wygal said. He and his wife, reside in Harvest with their three children.

Deputy product manager Rod Bellows served as the product manager for the past seven months.

Aviation Systems project manager Col. Tony Potts officiated at the ceremony for AGSE Product Office.

"It's the one organization that I know of, in all that we do as product managers and program managers, that affects every single aviation unit in the United States Army," Potts said.