Beginning Nov. 15, visitors to Fort Leonard Wood not in possession of a Department of Defense-issued photo identification card will be required to complete a background check and obtain a pass to gain entry to post. Driver's license scans at Fort Leonard Wood gates will no longer be an accepted means of entry.

The result of the background check, which may take up to 10 business days, will determine if a Fort Leonard Wood pass is granted, according to Rick Vise, chief of the Security Operations Branch/installation physical security officer, Directorate of Emergency Services.

Since January, Fort Leonard Wood's DES has been working toward full implementation of this DOD and Department of the Army issued requirement.

The policy affects all unescorted individuals with a valid need to access Fort Leonard Wood who are 18 years old and older to include contractors, subcontractors, service providers, vendors and visitors as well as all foreign nationals, Vise said.

"All visitors without a DOD-issued photo ID card will need to undergo a Fort Leonard Wood initiated background screening and be issued a pass to gain unescorted access to post," Vise said.

Fort Leonard Wood passes are good for the length of the visit, contract or terms of service agreements and will not exceed 12 months, he added.

Background checks are conducted through the National Crime Information Center law enforcement database

"Reasons for denied access," Vise said, "are based upon derogatory information obtained during the NCIC-III check, as well as checks of other authoritative government data bases that indicate an individual may pose a potential threat to good order, discipline, health and safety to Fort Leonard Wood."

If an application for a Fort Leonard Wood pass is denied, the requestor will receive a denial letter that will outline the waiver process, Vise added.

According to Vise, there are occasions where visitors may not need a background check or a pass to enter Fort Leonard Wood.

"Background screening and pass issuance are waived at the discretion of the senior commander or their designated representative for those unescorted individuals accessing Fort Leonard Wood to attend one-time special events, such as the Fourth of July celebration, concerts and changes of command," Vise said. "If attending a special event, visitors will be required to provide vehicle registration, proof of insurance and their driver's license."

Currently, visitors attending basic combat training or advanced individual training graduations are not required to obtain a pass to gain entry to Fort Leonard Wood.

That will change in early 2016, Vise said, and all visitors attending graduations will need to complete a background check and obtain a pass to gain access to post. More information will be provided to units and Family members as that change approaches, Vise said.

For more information about background checks and Fort Leonard Wood passes, contact the Fort Leonard Wood Visitor Center at 573.596.0131, ext. 60356.