CAMP RED CLOUD, Republic of Korea -- Accounting for government property is the primary duty of the property book officer. Government property, regardless of how or where it was acquired, must be accounted for and given proper disposition in accordance with Department of Defense and U.S. Army regulations.

As the 2nd Infantry Division reduces its footprint in the northern portion of South Korea and the support structure changes, there is a growing amount of excess equipment.

Logistics Readiness Center-Red Cloud met this challenge by developing and implementing measures to reduce the amount of excess equipment in Area I. LRC-RC, in conjunction with the Army Field Support Battalion-Korea, assembled a team to identify the challenges and develop action plans to mitigate the increase of excess government property through realigning equipment under the proper authorizations or redistribution. The team identified more than $10 million worth of excess property in Area I.

An example of the "War on Excess" was the transfer of special purpose heavy equipment from LRC-RC to the Department of Public Works at Camp Red Cloud. The LRC-RC consolidated property book officer reduced excess property in the LRC-RC and filled shortfalls at the DPW without degrading the unit's current mission and readiness.

In 2015, the team reduced excess property in Area I from 138 items in June to 54 items by late September. In addition, the number of special vehicles was reduced from 38 to 11 without affecting the units or customers supported.

"The continued effort of the installation PBO (property book office) team is getting fast results by identifying, collecting and turning in these excess items found in our area of responsibility to ensure that a proper re-distribution is done by DLA (defense logistics agency)," said Ki P. Song, the CPBO senior general supply specialist