HOHENFELS, GERMANY -- No one nation can confront today's challenges alone. The U.S. Army Europe exercise, Combined Resolve V, demonstrates the determination of the United States, Allies and Partners as they stand side-by-side, training to face these challenges together.The Serbian Army has participated in training exercises in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Macedonia and now Germany. This year, the 2nd Brigade, 21st Infantry Battalion, out of Kralijevo, Serbia, partakes in the U.S. Army Europe Exercise Combined Resolve V."Our overall mission is to enhance our combat capabilities and to gather some good experiences," said Serbian Army 1st Lt. Ljubisav Vicentijvic, deputy commander of the 2nd Brigade, 21st Infantry Battalion.The Serbian's three main objectives during this exercise are casualty evacuations (CASEVAC), urban operations and mounted movement techniques."They accomplished the CASEVAC objective with situational training exercise (STX) lanes already," said Army Staff Sgt. Daniel Hawkins, liaison officer (LNO) for the Serbian Army with Headquarters Headquarters Company (HHC) 1st Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment based out of Fort Stewart, Georgia.Engaging in combat with operational forces, the 2nd Brigade, 21st Infantry Battalion set out to accomplish their last two training objectives Oct. 27 with their third STX."They rehearsed all day yesterday for this STX lane," said Hawkins. "But things didn't go as planned."Using the military grid reference system, Vicentijvic decided to enter into the hostile village on foot, parking their vehicles roughly 400 meters away. They entered the village on all sides."They asked for smoke to adjust fire, we gave them smoke," said Hawkins.White smoke filled the air on the east as rounds came in from all sides.Once the unit successfully entered the village they proceeded to clear all buildings looking for opposition forces.Giving the deputy commander an all clear, the unit began moving their casualties and injured. The observer controller, Army Capt. Carl Weber, of Timberwolves team, Joint Multi-National Readiness Center of Hohenfels, Germany, questioned the deputy commander on his next step. "Would you stand out here in the open or would you find a secure location to discuss personnel and equipment?" asked Weber.Vicentijvic responded quickly with a no and commanded the unit on their next course of action. The unit proceeded to secure the perimeter while the leaders and observer controllers (American Soldiers) conducted a brief after action review."We attacked the enemy in the village and we succeeded in that," said Vicentijvic.The Serbian Army has worked exclusively with American Soldiers these past 11 days in order to learn different methods in accomplishing multiple mission objectives."We see a lot of good stuff," said Vicentijvic. "I hope they remember and use all of the good things they experienced today; while working with the Americans and learning how they do it." "They are really motivated; they came to train," said Hawkins.