Ten 13th Military Police Company, 92nd Military Police Battalion Soldiers arrived home Oct. 22, to a redeployment ceremony held at the 92nd MP Bn. headquarters where Soldiers and Family members happily greeted their return.

The group has been the personal security detail for the Combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan commanding general in Kabul, Afghanistan since January.

"We were on a PSD mission for a two-star general in Kabul," said Spc. Jacob Hogencamp, military police officer, 13th MP Co. "It was a good mission and I am happy we all made it back safe."

The group received their required training in short order before deploying.

"We had to submit a special request to get them into training so they could deploy," said Sgt. Maj. Anthony Rodrigues, enlisted operation advisor, 92nd MP Bn. "This was unscheduled training, so we had to go through the training resource arbitration panel which was a lengthy process that goes all the way to Department of Defense for approval. The U.S. Army Military Police School worked with us to get that done and it was really neat to see all of these things come together to get this critical task completed."

Spc. Anthony Salerno, military police officer, 13th MP Co., said the short time between completing the protective service course and being able to use the knowledge was beneficial.

"It was a three-week course and we had a week between finishing and deploying and then put it all to work," Salerno said. "The driving helped me a lot especially the screening where we worked together to look at other vehicles at an intersection."

Lt. Col. Chad Goyette, 92nd MP Bn., battalion commander, expressed his thankfulness for the team's successful tour.

"You guys did a great job and we really do appreciate everything you've done for us and everything you did over there to keep that general officer safe," Goyette said. "It's a very happy moment and we appreciate all of it."

Happy to be home, Hogencamp and his wife Ashley already have special plans.

"We're going to our first Steelers game," Hogencamp said. "Pittsburgh versus Kansas City. It's going to be an all-weekend thing."