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By U.S. ArmyDecember 14, 2015

Do You Have What it Takes?
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The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, or RDECOM, is looking for applicants who have the desire to be first-rate scientists and technicians and want to be a part of our critical mission of providing Soldiers with the technological edge they need to fight, survive and win the nation's conflicts.


RDECOM actively hires individuals at all education and experience levels. Our civilian workforce represent a wide variety of career fields including engineers, operations research analysts, chemists, mathematicians, computer scientists, biologists, technicians, acquisitions and contracting professionals as well as numerous positions that provide administrative support.


As a civilian employee of the U.S. Army, individuals can serve in ways that meet their specific goals and career paths. Employees may select assignments in multiple locations throughout the U.S. and its territories,or take advantage of worldwide opportunities by opting to support our mission overseas.

Career advancement as an RDECOM civilian employee generally follows a path from entry level through the intermediate level, to managerial or executive positions. Individual progression depends on a variety of factors including demonstrated performance, assignments completed, formal education, functional and geographical mobility, and completion of training programs.

Students, graduates, veterans, federal employees and U.S. citizens seeking information about career opportunities with the RDECOM can search for open positions on the Civilian Personnel Online web site: http://cpol.army.mil/ as well as the federal government website USAJOBS: www.usajobs.gov. Follow the links in the right-hand navigation column.


U.S. Army employees are highly valued and rewarded. The benefits package offered by the federal government to U.S. Army civilians sustains employees from the first day of employment until their retirement. Some of the benefits civilians receive include:

* Federal Employee Health Benefits Insurance Program

* Federal Employees' Dental and Vision Insurance Program

* Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program

* Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program

* Flexible Spending Accounts for health care and family care

* Paid Time Off

* Federal Employees Retirement System

For more information regarding Federal Employees Health Benefits, or FEHB, as well as retirement benefits and more, please visit www.opm.gov.

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