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By U.S. ArmyDecember 2, 2015

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The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, known as RDECOM, performs the science, technology and engineering to make American Soldiers safe and strong.

The command is made up of six research, development and engineering centers and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory with locations across the country. RDECOM has three international technology centers and one contracting center.

The combined efforts of these organizations enable the U.S. Army to coordinate innovative concepts and ideas while remaining agile ahead of ever-changing technological advances. RDECOM puts technology in the hands of Soldiers when and where they need it.

RDECOM is the U.S. Army's technology leader and its largest technology developer. RDECOM ensures the dominance of U.S. Army capabilities by creating, integrating and delivering technology-enabled solutions to the American warfighter.

To meet this commitment to the Army, RDECOM develops technologies at its research centers and laboratories in partnership with an extensive network of academic, industry and international partners.

RDECOM provides the U.S. Army with an essential research and development capability. More than 13,000 civilian employees and direct contractors form RDECOM's mission critical team. Most RDECOM employees are civilian engineers and scientists, many of whom are the Army's leading experts in their fields.

A fundamental characteristic of this workforce is its focus on the Soldier. Whether providing technology solutions to meet current operational needs or developing breakthrough technologies for the next generation, RDECOM stands at the forefront of what the Soldier eats, wears, fires, flies and drives.

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The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command has the mission to ensure decisive overmatch for unified land operations to empower the Army, the joint warfighter and our nation. RDECOM is a major subordinate command of the U.S. Army Materiel Command.

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