MIDDLETOWN, Iowa -- Serving as a tank commander throughout his four-decades plus career, First Army Commanding General, Lt. Gen. Michael S. Tucker, visited the location where tank rounds are produced.

Tucker spent several hours on October 21 at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, located in southeast Iowa -- his first visit to the plant.

"The tour of Iowa Army Ammunition Plant served as a great reminder of the dedication of our nation's civilians who work in the organic industrial base. Being a tank commander during my career, it was an honor to witness tank and artillery rounds being produced by great patriots," he said.

Iowa AAP -- a subordinate command of the Joint Munitions Command -- loads, assembles, and packs medium and large caliber ammunition items for the Department of Defense, U.S. allies, and other federal agencies. Production started at Iowa during World War II in 1941.

Tucker toured the 60mm mortar, 120mm tank round, and 40mm grenade lines during the visit. He came away impressed with the plant's capabilities as well as its workforce.

"Plant commander, Lt. Col. Wolfe, Mrs. Solinski and the government staff and American Ordnance employees are great professionals in providing support to our warfighters. I would also be remiss if I did not mention the leadership of JMC's commanding general Brig. Gen. (Stephen) Farmen and his team at Rock Island."

During the visit, Tucker also had the opportunity to meet with several veterans who attended the plant's Wounded Warrior hunt. He thanked them for their service to the nation.

Iowa AAP Commander Lt. Col. Aaron Wolfe appreciated Tucker spending time at the plant.

"Lt. Gen. Tucker has led many Soldiers in combat and it was an honor to show him the processes we use to make the tank and artillery rounds he has used throughout his career," Wolfe said. "We were also very pleased that Lt. Gen. Tucker was able to meet with Wounded Warriors participating in our 5th Annual IAAAP Wounded Warrior hunt. His leadership has been crucial in developing the first rate medical care and transition support that our troops have available to them now."

Julie Solinski, deputy to the commander at the plant, echoed her appreciation on the visit.

"Lt. Gen. Tucker's tour of Iowa Army Ammunition Plant was a highpoint for the workforce. In particular, his tour of 120mm tank production provided production operators a vital look onto the warfighter's experience with our product. Great give and take interactions between Lt. Gen. Tucker and employees throughout the plant."