FORT RUCKER, Ala. (Oct. 22, 2015) -- Do you know where to find running trails around here? How about where Bible studies are located? Did you know there is a 5K coming up soon? What about the operational hours for the post library?

These are questions many may have when first arriving to Fort Rucker. Now there is a mobile app for your smartphone or tablet devices that can answer all of these questions and more.

The Fort Rucker Resiliency Resources Mobile App, utilizes the five health domains from the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness campaign (physical, emotional, Family, spiritual and social) and combines the data from the Fort Rucker Community Resource Guide and installation websites, where you can easily access important information about the topics that impact you and your Family's daily lives.

"The concept of our mobile app is this: In a year's time there are 525,600 minutes. Out of all of these minutes a person may spend approximately 20 minutes with their health provider, on average, five times a year," said Cpt. William Capp, Lyster Army Health Clinic chief of information management. "If you are only seeing your primary health care provider for 100 minutes out of the year, what else are you doing to positively affect you and your Family's health the rest of the year? How can we at Lyster and at Fort Rucker impact your life space to help you make healthy lifestyle choices? In steps, this mobile health app [will] help impact the life space of our Soldiers and Families."

Capp said the resource app has the ability to find information fast so Soldiers and Families can make healthier lifestyle choices and be active in their daily lives.

Future updates for the app include a push notification that one can opt-in or out of that notifies you of upcoming events including 5K's or healthy cooking demonstrations at Lyster.

As the app rolls out to other Army installations, a form of geo-targeting will give the ability to download the local base information into the app. This is a great feature especially for someone that goes TDY to other places.

The app can be found in local mobile app stores for Android and iPhone by typing "Rucker" in the search field.