Serving as a public source of Africa-related information, the U.S. Africa Command website, updated daily, hosts the latest news and updates on command activities and initiatives.

The website has recently become more interactive, serving as a forum for public discussion as well as a practical resource for teachers, students, command staff and all interested in learning more about Department of Defense activities in Africa.

Please note and enjoy the newest features on the Africa Command website:

Interactive Africa Map: An interactive map of the African continent allows users to obtain information about individual countries, including statistics, press releases, and helpful links specific to each country.

To access the interactive map
1. Click on the globe on the upper-right hand corner of the website at
2. Hover the mouse over the map to see individual country information, including the capital and size of each country.
3. Click on individual countries to access a compilation of U.S. Africa Command-related press releases and activities. Also available at the top of the country pages are links to relevant sections of the CIA Factbook and the State Department website.

U.S. Africa Command Blog: This public discussion forum allows website visitors to comment on news releases and other items posted on the site. At the end of each posted item is an option to "Add Comment." Simply complete the required fields and submit for posting.

New blog entries are displayed on the right-hand side of the website under "Recent Posts by Internet Public."

Additionally, the staff section called "AFRICOM dialogue" (right-hand side of the website) features regular updates from the command's senior leaders on various topics and issues. Past entries have included remarks on the vital partnership between the Department of Defense and the Department of State, and another on the use of information technology to enable security and stability in Africa.