ORLANDO, FLORIDA (October 1, 2015) -- First Lt. Michael Piscetelli, an executive officer in the 53rd Signal Battalion at Fort Meade, Maryland, was named the "individual" category winner of the inaugural Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers BOSSfit Competition.Piscetelli received his award at the 2015 BOSS Future Leader Training forum at the Shades of Green. It was presented by the Sgt. Major of the Army Daniel Dailey, Sgt. Maj. Michael Hatfield, from the G9 Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation of U.S. Army Installation Management Command, and Command Sgt. Maj. Jeffery Hartless, of IMCOM."We want to award an individual at the garrison today who showed excellence in physical fitness," said Hatfield, as he invited Piscetelli to the front of the room.The BOSSfit competition incorporated the three main components of the Army Performance Triad -- physical activity, sleep and nutrition -- and challenged Soldiers to assess their performance in those areas using a fitness band device. The device was synched to a mobile application which tracked the participants' number of steps and hours of sleep. Participants also recorded their nutritional intake.Piscetelli logged in over two million steps and over 3,000 hours of sleep, according to Hatfield. On a daily basis, Piscetelli averaged about 30,000 steps -- approximately double the amount of steps per day recommended by the Surgeon General of the Army.Piscetelli credited his win to his dedication to fitness and good eating habits."You're expected to have a high level of physical fitness in the Army," he said. "I just had to change my workout routine [for the competition]. I incorporated the elliptical trainer, cycling, and other different kinds of exercises that would maximize my movement."He also added that getting enough hours of sleep per day is important."You have to make time for sleep," he said.Piscetelli's advice to other Soldiers is to make the physical activity, good nutrition and sleep a priority."You have to incorporate physical fitness into your everyday life and watch what you eat," he said. "Your food is more important than your exercise."Piscetelli is an active member in the BOSS program at Fort Meade. He was proud to represent his program during the competition."BOSS is a great program, and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this competition," he concluded.U.S. Daegu, Fort Detrick, Maryland, and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, were named the first, second and third place winners, respectively, in the competition's garrison category.