HONOLULU -- The 6253rd U.S. Army Hospital (6253rd USAH), provided more than 3,000 clinical care encounters during their annual training mission at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) and Schofield Barracks Health Clinic (SBHC) Sept. 12-24.

The 28 reserve Soldiers are from Phoenix, Arizona.

Upon arrival on Oahu, they were in-briefed and assigned to the appropriate clinical departments at TAMC and SBHC.

The 6253rd personnel then immediately went to work in their corresponding capabilities as needed by TAMC and SBHC.

Officers and enlisted personnel from the 6253rd USAH supported various clinical departments, including surgery, emergency medicine, critical care, behavioral health, family medicine, physical therapy, medical logistics, laboratory, nutrition, radiology, pharmacy, and respiratory services.

With the combination of civilian medical skills and prior military training experience, Army reserve physicians, nurses, physical therapist, and medical specialists were able to work alongside their active components in providing medical services to military personnel, their families, and retirees at TAMC and SBHC.

According to reerve Soldiers, the experience was professionally fulfilling and provided an opportunity to meet new people.

Sgt. Colt Weddell is a full-time firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) when he is not on reserve duty.

He was assigned to the TAMC Emergency Department.

"The TAMC Emergency Department staff was friendly and welcoming to the arrival of the new medics," said Weddell, combat medic, 6253rd USAH. "They quickly provided training to the group, which helped to integrate us to different teams and departments in the emergency care center," added Weddell.

TAMC and SBHC provided realistic training opportunities to the reservists at a demanding pace.

With the assistance of Weddell, Staff Sgt. Antonio Roldan, Staff Sgt. Chrisantos Rodriguez, Staff Sgt. William Shuart and Sgt. Christopher Gates, TAMC medical services were able to improve their response time to a number of critical situations.

After spending two weeks at TAMC, Weddell left with the impression that the quality of care, as well as TAMC's facilities, was equivalent to some of the best trauma care centers in his home state.

"It's an extraordinary opportunity to both care for Soldiers and learn new skills in a geographically unique area," commented Capt. Barbara Anderson, physical therapist, 6253rd USAH.

Members of the 6253rd USAH considered this mission an effective training opportunity.

"These annual training events develop Army Reserve service member's practical knowledge and skills, which are crucial to the success of future mobilizations and deployments," added 1st Lt. Matthew A. Musson, mission officer in charge, 6253rd USAH.

In future missions, the 6253rd USAH service members hope to engage in more successful collaborations with their active duty counterparts through exchanging experiences and bringing their unique civilian skills to Army medical facilities.