The October 2015 episode of Army Reserve Today, the quarterly video news magazine of the U. S. Army Reserve, is now available for viewing or download through DVIDS at .

It will also be available as downloadable video podcast from Apple's iTunes store at .

Inside this episode:

• INNOVATIVE READINESS TRAINING --Helping at right here at home: Army Reserve medics provide for communities in need.

• GUARDIAN 15 -- When disaster strikes...chemical company soldiers prepare for worst

case scenarios to provide their life saving skills when time matters most.

• SAPPER STAKES 15 --Combat engineers from the Army Reserve and Army National Guard go

head to head competing during this summer's 'Best Sapper' competition at Fort Chaffee, Ark.

• RIVER ASSAULT 15 -- Army Reserve soldiers and units train alongside active duty units in an effort to share knowledge in a unique training environment only found at river assault events.

• GLOBAL MEDIC 15 is the largest medical exercise of its kind, and Army Reserve Soldiers worked alongside British Army Reservists in a joint environment to ensure they are the best prepared when they deploy.

• PARALEGAL WARRIOR 15 -- Assaulting villages and staging rescue missions isn't exactly what

comes to mind when one thinks of paralegals, but that is just what these Army Reserve legal specialists did this summer at Fort McCoy, Wis., for their annual training.