FORT CARSON, Colorado -- (Sept. 25, 2015) The recent operational contract support provided to a Fort Carson unit during a major training event also proved timely when some of its assets had become non-mission capable just days prior to another major exercise.Capt. Rory Foster, the 724th Contracting Team leader, and Master Sgt. Octavia Gregory, a 724th CT contract specialist, met with Maj. James Acevedo, a logistics officer with the 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, to ensure all contracted logistical life support requirements were ready for War Horse Strike, the brigade's collective training event.The contracting team provided the unit with business advice during the initial and subsequent planning meetings for the event. Meanwhile, this close relationship allowed the 724th CT to quickly fill a capability gap for the 2nd BDE, 4th ID's commander when the brigade's own internal equipment became non-mission capable just days prior the exercise.While the 724th CT was providing contracting support for War Horse Strike, they were simultaneously executing requirements planning and validation for the unit's upcoming National Training Center Rotation 16-02. Personnel from both units attended a pre-deployment site survey for NTC to ensure they could provide tailored operational contract support solutions to the unit based on their planned mission set. The early integration created a clear and mutual understanding of all contracted life-support assets well in advance of the exercise. Officials from both the contracting team and support unit are confident that the operational contract support for NTC will continue be executed soundly.Unlike previous contracting teams, the 724th CT is partnered with 2nd BDE, 4th ID in garrison and will continue their support relationship when deployed with the unit.Acevedo said that he is excited to see what the 724th CT can bring to the fight, and looks forward to their continued relationship with the team.The support is part of a much larger MICC initiative to provide divisional commanders dedicated operational contract support through geographically aligned battalions. The 918th Contracting Battalion is located on Fort Carson to support 4th ID's garrison contracting needs, and is postured to support future 4th ID expeditionary mission sets. The 918th CBN obligated more than $4 million of 4th ID's budget in fiscal 2015 and provided direct support to three brigade-level collective training exercises this year alone."The battalion alignment and integration is proof of concept that early operational contract support provides for timely and tailored support," Foster said.